Busy in Congress

We thought it might be an interesting summer in Congress, with Republicans still fighting Obamacare, sequestration cuts underway, and more deficit proposals on the table. But Congress has a lot more going on. Read on to see what legislative changes [...]

Long Life Spans – and Retirement Income Strategies

Atlanta resident Jim Peniston is looking to retire in about three years, but his biggest concern is outliving his money. In his words, a longer life is a blessing – but it’s also a curse. In fact, according to a [...]

Reshaping Retirement

Visit an established restaurant in your area and you may be struck by the number of gray-haired patrons. In fact, many of the seemingly older seniors are likely to be accompanied by their graying (or otherwise color-coiffed) middle aged children. [...]

Interest Rates: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In May, the 10-year Treasury bond yield rose 54 basis points to 2.24 percent in the span of one month. Economists have been predicting the eventual rise in interest rates, but a jump this big in such a short time [...]

Designing Retirement Income

In May, Investment News, the financial news publication, held its 2013 Retirement Income Summit, bringing together leaders from the worlds of investing, government and academia to share the latest thinking in retirement policy, Social Security, insurance, estate planning and taxation [...]

Surveying America

How often do you participate in a survey? Maybe you’re stopped outside a store while shopping, or you answer one of those annoying phone calls that always seem to be right around suppertime. Do you stop and graciously give up [...]

New World, Old World – Our World

Countries that have been previously referred to as emerging are gaining respect with a new moniker: The New World. In May, the Boston Consulting Group published its 13th annual report on global wealth, in which it revealed that the “New [...]

Budget Cuts: Who Loses?

In an effort to balance the budget, Americans are bound to come out ahead in the long run. But it’s the short run we might want to be worried about.   In recent news, we learned that four federal agencies [...]

Ire With the IRS

The IRS has recently come under fire for targeting tea-party-affiliated groups when scrutinizing applications for exempted tax status.   Some organizations’ applications were delayed by up to three years, which meant they were unable to prove their tax-exempt status with [...]

Boomers Dating, Jobs Up, Stocks Happy

According to a new report by IBISWorld, almost one-third of adults ages 50 to 64 are divorced, widowed or never married. Wow. We talk a lot about “average” adults and “traditional” values, but that’s really an eye-opening statistic for this [...]