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2008 All Over Again?

It’s filled the headlines and taken the “breaking news” slot on every major media outlet over the past week.  Enormous drops on Wall Street have millions of Americans, especially those nearing or currently in retirement, wondering if they’re facing a “Groundhog Day” scenario after already suffering significant losses just 3 years ago.

With unprecedented uncertainty like this facing retirees and soon-to-be’s around the country, the stance (and pulse) at our firm remains unchanged.  As we’ve said for many years now, we don’t believe that our clients’ way of life in retirement should hinge upon factors far beyond their control.  While others in our field may propose various timing strategies or pursue aggressive financial approaches to recoup from previous losses, we continue to stay the course to help you lay a foundation of guaranteed retirement income solutions.1

If you’ve already taken advantage of these strategies with us, then you know the real value of this reassurance in times like these.  While many have been glued to TV watching the Dow lose 10 percent in a matter of days2, wondering where it will stop and how it will impact their plans for retirement, those with sound, guaranteed retirement income1 solutions in place can truly breathe more easily. 

A few months ago, we published findings from a recent poll conducted by  A few of the most telling?

  • 44% of Baby Boomers surveyed aren’t sure they’ll have enough to retire
  • 25% feel they will not see the day they can retire
  • Only 11% of people feel deeply confident that they can retire comfortably

As we’ve likely said a thousand times, retirement doesn’t have to be this time of worry and apprehension about what’s ahead.  Even with the past week in our economy, you can still enjoy more economic certainty, and if you, your family or your friends would like to take advantage of a complimentary consultation to help create a more bulletproof financial future, we’ re just a phone call away!

1 Insurance and annuity product guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurer.
2 “Dow Tumbles 513 Points, Putting It in Red for Year. Wall Street Journal. August. 5, 2011.
3Source: Associated Press – Poll,, April 5, 2011.


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